Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Heart of the Nest

Is it really true that the kitchen is the heart of the home?  I'm thinking it is although I love most of the rooms equally. However, the warmth of kitchen brings beautiful memories of sitting at the kitchen table while my Mom cooked our supper. "Mom" could be intermingled with "grandmothers" "aunts" "dads" - etc. I have wonderful memories of my grandmothers baking goodies and we got to slip a taste of the raw dough. Oh my! In my nook of a kitchen, there is not chair to seat and watch me cook, but there is the dining room table area that you can look into the area and chat while I cook away.

Since cable and the explosion of cooking shows ... The kitchen is where my cooking experimentation takes place in my little nest.

Watching The Food Channel - Chopped - has given this cook the opportunity to experiment with much more freedom and less fear. Top Chef is also a favorite show of mine and OK my dirty little secret - I also love Hell's Kitchen......

Tried and true recipes are always fun. However, making new ones is always a gamble. Mother gave me my little blue coring ware dish and after she passed away I inherited the bottom two which always brings a smile to my soul when using these to cook with. Grand memories of Mama float to the surface!

When experimenting after downloading a recipe or cutting it from a magazine, I am always making notes on what I like or don't and some are thrown away. Some are not eaten after cooking all day in the crock pot. My mistakes are seem to be around "seasoning" the pot. However, one lesson learned -- always, remember:

bon appetit


  1. The kitchen seems to be the hub doesn't it? Maybe because it is where we get our nourishment? And also because it smells so good when we are cooking! I have been in your kitchen, and it is very homey and inviting!
    I have the same red pot as you. I also have the 9 quart. They cook so much better than my old stainless steel pots.
    I enjoy trying new recipes as well. I like watching the Barefoot Contessa. I usually like what she is cooking : )
    I just took homemade yogurt out of the dehydrator (it keeps it at a low warm temp well). Mmmmmmmm.

  2. You promised you would write more in this blog. You promised, Cuz.


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