Saturday, January 26, 2013

Welcome to My Nest

This is a new journey for me and you. This is where I will show you my nest and why I love it so. It is a wonderful place created over the years to wrap a warm comfy quilt around my world. Enjoy. Take a stroll when you want. I will be here waiting.  Just knock on the door.

Glad you showed up, peeps.


  1. Of course, I absolutely love this and will link to it on my own blog roll. This is a fabulous idea. First, I love what I have seen of your home, and look forward to more inspiration. It's a lovely way to showcase your domestic flair.

    And oh, I need to come up with something like this, in the way of a blog, for my artwork. My blog now started out as a way of connecting with my column readers, and to serve as a resume for potential writing gigs and editors. But it doesn't show photographs as well as these other programs -- like this one. You always inspire me, Marlynn. Thanks for that!

  2. Welcome Honeysuckle Nest! Yay! You do have such a nest of a home Marlynn. When I was there visiting, it is exactly how I felt it, like a warm comforting nest! I look forward to seeing your posts about your home life.

  3. Congrats and blessings from my nest to yours dear M


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